Prepare Pipes for Freezing Temperatures

EUGENE, Ore. — Freezing temperatures can cause damage to exposed pipes and repairing them can be expensive.

Eugene Water and Electric Board says certain steps can help you avoid a big headache down the road. EWEB says first, you should insulate any unheated or exposed water pipes, using the foam you can get at any home improvement store.

You’ll also want to cover outdoor faucets with plastic or put a faucet cover on. “Go ahead and turn on the faucet, the cold water on the faucet inside your house. That’s the furthest from the water meter. What that does is keeps water flowing, just a little trickle through those pipes will stop it from freezing,” says Joe Harwood with EWEB.

If your pipes do freeze, find the spot where it’s frozen. Wrap warm towels around that and try to slowly melt the frozen section. EWEB says you should never use a flame or a hairdryer to thaw a pipe.

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