Preparing Your Garden for Winter

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EUGENE, Ore. — There are four things you should do in your yard before your garden goes to sleep for the winter.

Number one is you’ll want to take perennials like hostas and day lillies and divide them. Doing that will make them look cleaner next year and it will actually improve the blooms.

Second, if you’re still planting vegetables, continue to put in kale, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower.

If you’re done planting vegetables, get a cover crop, like buckwheat, and plant it.

Third, think about adding some instant color with pansies and violas. They’ll bloom all through the winter. And plant your bulbs now too. That way when the pansies and violas are about done blooming, you’ll start to get that spring color popping up. That will help you have color all through the winter and into the early spring.

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