President Obama’s In-Law Casts Vote

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Benton County residents still have about two weeks to put their ballots in this box, but Wednesday one very special Corvallis resident cast his vote.

For many Americans, this election marks the second time they’ll vote for Barack Obama. But for Craig Robinson, it’s the second time he’ll vote for his brother-in-law.

The OSU men’s basketball coach has been very active this election season, campaigning and attending events like the DNC with his sister, but Wednesday, he was just another us citizen dropping his ballot in the box.

“This is an important election. The differences are stark. So it’s exciting to start the process, and after this, we don’t just sit back and wait. I’m still doing some campaigning, I still have some campaign stops to make, but it’s a very exciting time,” Robinson said.

Robinson says his work on the Obama campaign trail did include his team huddle. But his agenda wasn’t to tell his team how to vote, but instead making sure they all registered and realizes the importance of participating in this election.

Of course Coach Robinson is excited to vote in this year’s election. But he’s even more excited for his son Avery who will get to vote for his uncle for the first time this year.

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