Preventing Logging Could be a Felony

SALEM, Ore. — A proposed state law could deal a blow to some environmentalists.

The proposed bill would make it a felony to actively interfere with logging, such as lying in the road or a person tying themselves to a tree.

The house bill targets only physical obstruction of logging. Its supporters say it would not prevent free speech, but it would make it a felony to tamper with equipment or to block equipment or trees.

Critics say there could be legal challenges if it’s passed

“Think first amendment rights, including freedom of speech, are considered to be the premier rights under the Bill of Rights, under the Constitution. Both of Oregon and the federal constitution,” said attorney Bill Mansfield.

Mansfield and representatives of the timber industry say they doubt the law will pass as-is.

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  1. A hemolyticum says:

    let’s include protests at family planning and abortion clinic in this too !! Sue those protesting for restrain of trade !

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