Pro Rugby Player Gives Kids Pointers

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EUGENE, Ore. — A pro rugby player was in Eugene Saturday to give kids some pointers in a sport that’s making its first ever appearance at the 2016 games.

A local organization, Schools Sevens Rugby, hosted a free clinic Saturday for kids. They were able to learn from Troy Hall, a professional rugby player, along with many other local players and coaches.

Organizers say the sport of rugby is quickly gaining popularity in Oregon.

Just a few years ago, they say there weren’t opportunities for kids to play in elementary and middle school, but now year-round leagues and camps are open for all ages.

Hall says it’s important to invest in the kids and expose them to the sport at an early age. That’s why he takes the time to attend clinics like this with the kids.

“Honestly, coaching and getting kids involved is a true passion of mine obviously outside of me playing. So, I wish a lot more players would do this kind of work,” said Hall.

He’s originally from New Zealand but now lives in Wilsonville. He has been playing for the USA since 2008.

If you would like to play in a league, or have children that are interested, organizers from Schools Sevens Rugby says you can visit their website or get information from Kidsports.

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