Professional Bullfighter Retires

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EUGENE, Ore. — Bullfighters, barrel racers and cowboys from all across the country headed to Eugene for the Eugene Pro Rodeo. For one of those bullfighters, he won’t be competing in Eugene again.

Tim Vredenburg has been fighting bulls for twenty years. “My job is to protect the bull riders, so when the bull riders come out, after he bucks off my job is to protect him. So I’ll get the bull to chase me instead of him,” said Vredenburg.

But outside the arena, Vredenburg has a much different, and safer job, where he’s in charge instead of being charged. “My other job is I’m the forest manager for the Cow Creek Indian Tribe. While the two jobs are pretty different, he said he really enjoys juggling both.

“The two jobs are so different that you know they each sort of end up complementing the other,” said Vredenburg.

His wife and three kids travel with him to all the Northwest rodeo stops. “It’s something our family does together so it’s pretty fun now watching them, and I’m looking forward to transitioning in time to just being a dad and taking them to rodeos,” said Vredenburg.

At the end of the season, he’ll be trading in the cowboy hat for the school books as we works to get his PHD in forest management. Although the dust is setlling on his 20 year bull fighting career, he’ll still be dabbling in the dirt.

His three children are just getting started in the Northwest rodeo circuit. “My youngest Asher got on his first calf today at the Yoncalla Rodeo, he’s seven years old and he did great. Then my oldest son Owen is 12 and he got on a steer and did really great too,” said Vredenburg.

The rodeo continues through July 6th.

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