Program Provides Free Cell Phone Service to Low-Income Americans

EUGENE, Ore. — Sprint is helping low-income Oregonians stay connected with free cell phone service.

Assurance Wireless is a federally-funded program that offers cell phones and wireless plans to low-income Americans.

Adding Oregon to the list means the program now assists residents in 34 different states.

To be eligible, residents must already participate in government programs like food stamps, Medicaid, the free lunch program, temporary assistance for needy families or SSI.

The point of the free phone isn’t to chat with friends or catch up with family. Sprint Representative Jack Pflanz says these cell phones could really help out-of-work Oregonians land a job.

“The unemployment rate hasn’t gotten any better, and the few jobs that are out there, there’s a fierce competition for those jobs, and if you don’t have a good reliable phone number where you can be reached to follow up with that employer, they’re going to move on to the next person,” Pflanz said.

Eligible residents get a minimum of 250 minutes and 250 text massages per month (including a free cell phone), and participants can choose to pay out of their own pocket to increase their coverage.

You can check your eligibility and look at plans on the Assurance Wireless website or call 1-800-395-2171.

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  1. Johnie Lanier says:

    I am very interested in getting a cell phone services. I do get services from the state . I receive Foodstamps, SSI and medical . I would like to keep contact with my family, also for appointments. Its very important to have a cell phone so if any thing happens to me or my family I could call for help.

    Thanks Again
    Johnie Lanier

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