Project Helps Families Pay Rent

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EUGENE, Ore. — Christmas is less than two weeks away, and while some are doing some last-minute shopping, others are hunting for a place to call their own.

Thursday morning, folks gathered in support of their community members and a project called “A Home for the Holidays.”

The program started back in 2006 when a local volunteer decided there were more important things to tend to than gifts this time of year.

What began as a family project has grown into a community effort. This year, Mayor Kitty Piercy joined in, rallying folks to raise $40,000 to help 40 families get the money needed to pay the deposit and first and last month’s rent. Some thought it too lofty of a goal.

“The mayor was right and I was wrong. Ye of little faith. The goal of the original 40,000, because of the generosity of Oregon Community Credit Union, has indeed been matched and we’re going onto the next pot,” said Terry McDonald, St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director.

The program has helped about 81 families since it first started.

To find out more about how you can help or get help, click here.

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