Project Hope Helps Thousands of Kids

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EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of local kids got a little help to prepare to go back to school.

It was all part of the annual Project Hope event. This was the first year the project has divided the give away into four sites across the city.

At Willamette High School, parents and children who received tickets in advance received a backpack with school supplies.

While they were in line, they played games and enjoyed the activities that were set up by Eugene First Church of the Nazarene.

Not only could kids redeem a backpack and school supplies with the ticket, they also got sneakers while supplies lasted as well as hair cuts.

Organizers say Olive Garden and Red Lobster also catered food.

They say this event helps meet some important needs for parents and school children.

“Besides schools supplies, there are fees and the church as a whole just wants to support them and provide them with some of the things that’ll just make it a little easier for mom and dad to get their kids into school,” said Vicki Kerns, captain of the Willamette High School site.

As part of Project Hope, Eugene First Church of the Nazarene also painted and did landscaping work at Cascade Middle School yesterday.

Organizers from both the Bethel school district and Project Hope Say this is the third year for the project and it’s made a big impact in the community.


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  1. XoztedMama says:

    I completely object to the “Thousands of local kids got a little help” statement. While over 1000 children might have gone through the long lines, not all of them got the help advertised.

    My family got assistance for the first time from them last year. We got there on time, waited over 3 hours, and walked away with backpacks “loaded” with about 3 God Loves You pencils, a half dozen pens (really? What elementary has children using pens? Ours doesn’t!), a spiral notebook (not on either kids supply list), watercolors (again, not on either supple list), and a couple of erasers – really a hodgepodge of stuff and not much of real use. Oh, and the shoes ran out well before we were halfway through the line. The shoes were the only real reason we had gone. The shoes, which was prominently displayed upon the ticket as an item you would be able to get help with, and which we were really hoping to get because they really need something on their feet more than they need a God Loves You pencil and a half dozen ink pens.

    This year we showed up over an hour early. There were only 30 – 50 kids in line ahead of us. The doors opened at 4… by 4:15 (yep, that is a whole 15 minutes after they started, and less than 50 children into it!) they were announcing that the only remaining shoes available were MENS SIZE 9! Once again, the item that we actually could REALLY use some help with was unavailable. Both kids got a backpack again. This time it was filled a little better, and I won’t have to completely buy their school supplies… But once again, the biggest item we needed help with was simply not there.

    I know that they are trying to do good and help out their community… and I really do appreciate that. But the reality is, our family received 2 backpacks and about 1/10 the supplies they need. The shoes were simply not there, and the haircuts had another hours wait (we had already been there over 90 minutes). I left feeling anything but hopeful

    1. positivethinker says:

      @ XoztedMama> > They are just trying to help people out… Not that they need to but they do. Maybe next year ( if they do it again) you should just skip going to try and get free stuff. Go buy ALL the supply’s (including shoes) your kids need for school. Take them to a local beauty shop so you will not have to wait in line.
      Problem solved.

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