Proof of Insurance Goes Paperless

EUGENE, Ore. — Proof of auto insurance is going paperless in Oregon.

A new law is allowing drivers to use their smartphones to show proof of insurance to officers. One local insurance agent says this will be a huge convenience for many people.

“There’s a segment of the population who do everything on their cell phone,” says Sherry Schaeffer of State Farm Insurance. “There’s still people that really like having that physical ID, but it’s another option.”

Drivers who are interested in having their proof of insurance available electronically need to make arrangements with their providers. Officers aren’t allowed to search your mobile device for any other information while looking at your insurance information.


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  1. jasonmarks says:

    whole host of problems could arise from that, if you think about it a second, you will be the smartest one in your family.

    Insurance agents are NOT.

  2. hightide6096 says:

    They think we like to pay insurance so they give you an option.

  3. Johnny says:

    What happens when you don’t realize that your phone just died? No proof of insurance? They’ll tow your vehicle if you don’t kiss their butts during the course of the traffic stop. EPD will like this new law, considering their ‘fix it ticket’ program is now in effect…I’m sure they’ll find a way to cite you, then once you can prove you have insurance, they’re still going to get their $50 “administrative fee” from you. I don’t see the big fuss in keeping your insurance card right behind your drivers license. It’s always there. Or put it with the registration in an envelope in your glove box.

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