Propane Business to Expand to Goshen

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GOSHEN, Ore. — A Texas company is looking to make a home for itself in the Northwest.

While the papers are still being finalized for Pinnacle Propane to come and take it over a 3.5 acre lot, the company says it’s looking forward to expanding while helping out the local economy.

Pinnacle Propane Express provides propane grill cylinders for retailers and/or distributors. The company is currently in 44 states across the nation, but it’s looking to extend its reach even further.

“We’re the third largest provider of propane grill cylinder exchange right now, but we want to move up in that ranking, and we’re hoping West Coast expansion will do that for us,” said Marty Barker, Vice President of Cylinder Operations.

Company representatives say this property just off Highway 99 South in Goshen is a perfect fit, and the county couldn’t be happier to hear it.

“I’m just incredibly excited to see this happen,” said Faye Stewart, Lane County Commissioner.

Once the deal is closed, the county will be getting at least 30 new, high-paying jobs in just the first year of operations. And that’s not all.

“Folks are going to invest a large amount of money upwards of $10 million, and so then that allows us for higher taxes you know depending on the type of investment,” Stewart said.

“It’s been my experience that you get one and others want to take a look. And I think what’s the most important aspect for myself and for the board is to make sure that we’re open for business,” said Sid Leiken, Lane County Commissioner.

The county is hoping that attitude and this deal could be the start of something even greater.

The county says it hopes that the sale of the property is just the beginning of the transformation of that whole area into an industrial park that will give the county the economic boost it really needs.

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