Proposal Submitted for Creswell Police

CRESWELL, Ore. — The city of Creswell is taking action against its recent spike in crime and talked of beefing up law enforcement, Wednesday.

Most of the crimes have been property crimes, but Monday night’s shooting has many residents looking for answers. The city council says it’s feeling the pressure.

Two city councilors submitted a proposal to ask the city council to explore the financial impact of creating a Creswell police force.

Currently, the city spends about half a million dollars to contract with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, which covers part of the cost for two deputies to patrol the area.

Residents say that’s not enough, so the city council is looking at several options.

“We could do a special district, we could start our own police department, we could partner with another city,” said Jacob Daniels, Creswell City Council President.

“Lots of robberies, lots of thefts, and it comes down to a shooting to really make people stop and think,” said resident Rick Marriot.

The city council says once it determines the fiscal impact of changing policing services, it will be up to the voters to decide whether they want to stick with current services or go in a different direction.

The council will review the proposal and its financial impact in two weeks. Meantime, without a strong police presence, many residents say they’ve taken measures to protect themselves like installing an alarm system, placing locks on their windows and owning firearms.

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