Proposed FDA Rule Impacts Breweries

4-12-breweryMEDFORD, Ore. – Local breweries are arguing a proposed FDA rule that they say could hurt both them and local farmers.

The rule applies to spent grains. Those by products of the brewing process are normally sold or given to local farmers to use as feed.

But the FDA rule would put restrictions on how those grains are handled, restrictions that to small breweries would be so impractical that it would force them to instead throw those grains in landfills.

“I’m one of hundreds of breweries in this Southern Oregon, Central Oregon area,” said Opposition Brewing Owner Nick Ellis. “If we all have to start sending grain to landfills, it’s really going to choke things up.”

A small, nano-brewery can produce 200 pounds of spent grain in a week dry weight. They say disposing those into a landfill would eliminate the win-win situation they say has worked so well for breweries and farmers.

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  1. CLeer says:

    How can we help? If the breweries are helping our economy then we need to help them sustain their businesses. What can we do to help?

    Your article “Oregon Craft Beer Production Breaks Records, Helps Economy”.

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