Prosecution Rests in Double Murder Trial

EUGENE, Ore. — The prosecution has rested in the Johan Gillette double murder trial after wrapping up its final day of questioning Wednesday.JOHAN GILLETTE PIC

The defense will begin presenting its case Thursday and why they say Gillette was acting in self defense.

The defense cross examined Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis.

They questioned him on a number of skull fractures and injuries on James Gillette and Anne McLucas and how those injuries could relate to the crime.

Johan Gillette is charged with murdering his father James Gillette and dad’s partner former University of Oregon School of Music Dean Anne McLucas.

James Gillette died at the scene, and Anne McLucas died from her injuries in the hospital.

Prosecutors say Johan Gillette used a wrench to beat them, then used bleach to cover up his crimes.

Defense attorney Dan Koenig questioned Davis on whether some of the injuries on James Gillette’s eyebrow could have been from hitting the floor.

And Davis testified injuries on his left hand could be consistent with throwing a punch.

“You didn’t find any bruising on the right hand right?” said Koenig.

“I did not,” said Davis.

“And would that be consistent with the theory that a person might be punching with the left hand and protecting the right hand as they’re perhaps going for a weapon. Would it be consistent with that?” said Koenig.

It could be,” said Davis.

But Davis also said bruising on James Gillette’s left hand could also be defensive wounds.

Davis said a natural response to protecting yourself is to raise your hands to protect your head and the injuries on James Gillette’s left hand are consistent with that hypothesis.

The jury was released for the rest of the day.

The trial will start back up Thursday morning.

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  1. Stacy Braiker says:

    He is guilty for sooo many reasons…. If it was self defense like the defense wants people to believe, why didn’t Jovan call the police right after it happened….

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