Protect Against Possible Theft at Fair

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EUGENE, Ore. –The Lane County Fair starts Wednesday, and Eugene Police want to make sure that thieves don’t steal fairgoers’ good times.

Police say in past years, there has been a notable increase with car break-ins during the fair and say there are simple things people attending the fair and neighbors can do to avoid being a victim.

“Don’t leave anything good in the car. Even if it just looks like it might be good,” said Tod Schneider, Eugene Police Crime Prevention.

Schneider says even worthless things can attract attention.

“Criminals will walk through any parking lot or parking area and see what you got. They don’t care of if you have an empty cardboard box, they’ll break your window to see what’s in it,” Schneider said.

Schneider says the same applies to neighbors in the area as well.

“I imagine that there will be little pockets of people hanging around and it could get intrusive. I hope not,” said neighbor Rebekah Dorsey.

With more people in the area, thieves can extend out of fair parking areas.

“When the fair shuts down around 10 or 11 (p.m.), there will be just like a huge mob of people walking around and some of them will go home and some of them will sniff out adventure, and sometimes that leads to crime,” Dorsey said.

EPD says preventing crime is simple, make sure everything’s locked and don’t leave anything in the car or in the yard.

“You got to really clean the car out to have assurance that they’re not gonna break in,” Schneider said.

Police say there will be mounted troopers patrolling the lots and extra police officers in the neighborhoods around the fairgrounds.

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