Protesters Rally Against Fossil Fuels

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EUGENE, Ore. — Environmental activists rallied against the use of fossil fuels  Sunday.

Local protesters coordinated their rally with the thousands that gathered in Washington, D.C. to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline and other controversial energy plans.

Demonstrators gathered at the University of Oregon campus where they laid out their demands to Congress to focus on clean energy. Protesters called the fossil fuel industry toxic and dangerous to personal and environmental health.

Organizers of the march say this issue has been neglected and they aren’t going to be silent about it.

“Politicians must stop supporting profit, which destroys the living system that supports all life on this earth. In the name of the humans and non-humans murdered at the hands of the extractive industry, we will not rest until our demands are met,” said one protester.

The march took a bit of a turn when protesters rolled a dumpster out into the street. Eugene Police officers stopped the demonstrators. Organizers warned demonstrators that they planned to encounter resistance from the police, but Eugene Police says no arrests were made after Sunday’s events.


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  1. Aldertree7 says:

    Get real. Congress to shut down industry for a bunch of stoners? ain’t going to happen.

    1. Stoner420 says:

      I think you’re missing the point

  2. Mary B says:

    This reporting makes it look like those of us detained by the police were messing with the dumpster. Those were the folks returning the borrowed property to its owners. One more lesson in understanding we usually only see one piece of a story.

  3. Ben Dover says:

    OSU, the west coast annex to socialistic communism.

  4. Warren Weisman says:

    Makes perfect liberal doublespeak in Oregon, where 40% of energy comes from coal to protest against the Keystone Pipeline that has been operating for 2 years now. Let me guess, you also live in wooden houses while protesting cutting down forests?

  5. Dan Wheeler says:

    Oil is what moves this country. If the people in the march want to live in poverty on the vegetables they can grow in their garden then they can honestly claim they don’t need oil. I highly doubt any of them would actually want to live that way for long.

    I drive a Pontiac Firebird with a corvette motor. In your face you environmentalist hippies!

  6. Joe says:

    Ben Dover: This happened at UO, not OSU. Try not to be so incredibly illiterate and ignorant.

  7. Laura says:

    Do they realize this is safer and cheaper than continuing this blood oil war in iraq? I’m all for going green, but not the way these people want us to. Please realize that if we don’t have oil we don’t move and our country dies, no more foodstamps or welfare will be handed out. No jobs can move their product it has to be a slow ease into newer fuels than this.

  8. Loretta Huston says:

    We must stop subsidizing “Dirty, Toxic, Lethal” Fuels for the actual “Costs” of Severe Climate Damage are far too Enormous for “$$$Billions” to ever rebuild new systems. To continue down this path of the “American Dream” has only “Bankrupted Our Planet”. We have been “conditioned” and “seduced” into “Wanting” more than we can ever possibly “Need”. We have solutions and we must urgently support Clean, Sustainable Energy. Agricultural Hemp is another very tangible solution, for it is an annual crop that is far superior for building materials, paper, pulp, biodiesel, nutrition and literally 2,500 different uses, including giving people head aches that are stupid enough to smoke it. We are at a crossroads of being “Stuck” or embracing “Progressive” sensible solutions, for we are running out of time, money and energy and this Paradigm Shift will happen regardless if humans are on board or not. These are the Times for “WAKING UP”!

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