Protesters Discuss Expansion Plans

EUGENE, Ore. — The recently formed protest at Chambers St. and Northwest Expressway continues to grow and evolve.

About 20 tents now fill the vacant corner lot. The demonstrators have grills to cook on and two portable bathrooms on site to use.

Organizers say they’re an offshoot of the Occupy movement, but no longer affiliated with SLEEPS. That’s the group camping out in the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, demanding code be changed to provide people a safe place to sleep.

They’re calling this new camp ‘Whoville’.

They’ve got plans to continue their protest, even if the county gives them eviction notices later this week.

“Sidewalks have traditionally been used as protest sites and I’m sure the mayor has a sidewalk in front of her house,” said Tin Man. “I’m sure legally we can go to the sidewalk in front of her house and peacefully protest.”

The Lane County Board of Commissioners will hold a special session on Wednesday to talk about the protest at the Free Speech Plaza and its health implications. Commissioners are considering an emergency closure of the area for no more than four weeks.


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  1. Michael Adams says:

    A slight correction to the story above:
    “Whoville” is still affilliated with SLEEPS, just as the group “AWAKE” is still affilliated with us. Both of these subgroups just have slightly different processes.
    In regards to the quote about protesting on the sidewalk in front of the Mayors’ house, it was strictly a joke, and will not actually be done.

    1. James Scorzelli says:

      Question: What homeless resources in the community have been tried before this protest occured? Most of Eugene is ignoring your plight simply because you are not represented well and have not stated reasons why you prefer sleeping outside as opposed to utilizing local resources. A protest still needs permits, who is willing to pay for and file those? I advertised work for my company who is hiring and was basically told to go away. After that I have a hard time believing the blurred mission statement by your “residents”.

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