Pub Brings London Flavor to Track Trials

EUGENE, Ore. —   All this talk of the London Olympics probably has a lot of us wishing we could go, right?

If it’s not in your budget, never fear. We found some London flare at Hayward Field.

There’s no Big Ben or Buckingham Palace in Eugene, but it does have what most love about London–a pub.

Just a few a few feet from the front entrance at Hayward, you can grab some bangers and mash, fish and chips and, of course, beer.

“One of the things that I think our sport is missing is having more activities that are aimed towards the not necessarily the hard-core track fans,” explained Michael Farmer, a Missouri resident.

“The fish and chips were great,” added John Strosin, a Wisconsin resident.

“Kind of feel part of it without actually going being in London,” added Nichelle Wilson who was hanging with friends at the pub.

Many showed us their great British accents then we found the real deal.

“I originally from London, but now I work right here in Eugene,” explained Chris Hawken, Dean of Athletic with Lane Community College.

So does the pub pass the test?

“This is kind of fun. It’s pretty authentic with a beer garden outside, so yeah it’s nice,” added Hawken.

A company out of Arizona is putting on the pub and recently secured another English flavor: its very own double-decker bus.

“You get a beer, you you get on the bus. For those of us that aren’t going to London, maybe we could Photoshop it as if we are going to London,” explained Doug Janison, Managing Partner of M Culinary Concepts.

The tent is big and provides a nice shelter from all the rain. The trials are always in full view, making for jolly good time.

And like the rest of track town, entrance into the pub is free.

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