Council Holds Hearing on Homeless Issues

EUGENE, Ore. — ┬áThe Eugene City Council found little support for its plan to expand its camping program for area homeless, but now has better direction on how to proceed.

During what was at times a passionate meeting nightly night, councilors heard about why their current proposal wouldn’t work. Dozens spoke at the public hearing about how the city’s proposal to create a ‘rest stop’ for people to sleep overnight wasn’t enough.

Many of the councilors agreed and said they were hoping to find a solution, but it may take time. Those who spoke at the public hearing suggested the creation of camps around town where people could stay 24 hours a day.

The hearing comes at a time when dozens of demonstrators set up camps around Eugene, arguing for a safe place to sleep. The city will revisit the topic later this month.


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  1. don jones says:

    what can I have for free then? I didn’t get anything. never have either.

    1. Kay says:

      Actually, you probably have received a lot of things for free in your life, including a comprehensive public education. I think you should google “white male privilege” before you start bitching about what you have and haven’t gotten.

  2. Randy Cain says:

    Thank you for the coverage. There is one point you might want to check on,though.. I believe what was intended was the sites be OPEN 24 hours a day..not that the campers all campers would be staying there 24 hours a day, as the phrasing in your story implies.

  3. Tank Commander says:

    Nothing is free. Someone else paid for it either with sweat, money or blood. It’s all a matter of who wants to pay more for someone else’s “free” things.

  4. Michael Gilbert says:

    I’m a taxpayer in this city. I also spent 25 years of my life in Law Enforcement for this city. I know how generous this city is to those in need. The problem is we have a lot of folks clamoring for more resources that really should be working and supporting themselves. We can keep giving more and it won’t make a bit of difference. ENOUGH already. It’s time we said NO MORE! If you throw money in the streets, and do it on a regular basis, word gets out and people will flock for it and then expect it. Then pretty soon they complain that you aren’t throwing enough money. You must throw more money………..on and on it goes. Let’s take care of the ones truly in need. As for the rest of these ingrates, throw them to the curb. ENOUGH! And don’t give me that “white privilege crap” I grew up poor and worked hard for everything I have now. I owe these folks NOTHING!

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