Public Hearing on Safety Tax

EUGENE, Ore. — A recent survey found the majority of people in Lane County will support a public safety property tax levy.

Members of the community listened to results from that survey Tuesday night and then offered commissioners their own input on whether they would or would not support the tax.

Lane County residents packed Harris Hall, all with one thing on their minds.

“Ten years ago I kind of expected a police officer or somebody to show up and now today I don’t,” said a Lane County resident.

“I understand that we currently have no patrols at night from sheriff’s patrols in the unincorporated areas,” added another resident.

Last month a random survey of 500 people asked the public whether it would support a tax and what it held as its highest priorities. The top priority was enhanced protection and the second was jail capacity.

Most surveyed supported the 50-cent tax levy as opposed to the 75-cent one. That means a homeowner with a median home of $151,000 would pay on average of $75 a year. Once the public hearing was open, the comments seemed to echo one another–fund public safety.

“I will vote for a levy, but please work on something more than a bandaid,” said a Lane County resident.

“This county is doing the best they can with the resources they have, but it’s not enough,” said another resident.

“We urge you to make the decision to put a targeted jail beds measure on the ballot this spring,” said a member of the League of Woman Voters.

Still, some do have caution.  “If the wording comes out right, I am surely going to vote for it, but if it sounds fishy to me, I am not. It’s very important how you word it so people know what they are voting,” said one Lane County resident.

That thought resonated throughout the survey. People said they would support the tax if the sheriff’s office would be held accountable as to where the money was going.

Still, there were some who say they will vote no. “Until you fix the corruption in the county, I cannot support a tax levy,” said another Lane County resident.

Commissioners clearly have a lot on their plate, and a deadline to decide if this goes on the ballot gets closer each day.

Commissioners will hold another public safety meeting Wednesday morning. It will start at 9:00 a.m. in Harris Hall.


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  1. Postone says:

    Just once I would like to see the Sheriff’s Office save some money! And I’m speaking of many Sheriff’s past, for their poor management of public funds!

    The powers that be will NEVER save a dime, because they know they can just go to the taxpayer and ask for more money! I’m tired of it, you people are college graduates and should know how to save a nickel!

    I won’t give you people a dime, you’ll just piss it away like you have the zillions of dollars in the past three of four decades!

    I have my own protection, so I don’t need to police anyway!

  2. Just Bob says:

    Property owners are the supporters of Lane County’s budget, so to speak. Why can’t you amature politicians manage to work within that budget. Every time you ask for more money, you start using scare tactics by cutting services that you know we need. If you people had any thought of looking intelligent, you would do the obvious, make what money you have work.

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