Public Invited to Speak on Service Fees

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Council will hold a public hearing for the first time on Tuesday to discuss one or two possible city service fees.

One of those fees would have Eugene residents paying an extra $120 a year. City leaders say the fees would simply maintain services that many residents want to keep up, including public safety, social services and street and bike path maintenance.

City Manager John Ruiz says administrators have cut the City of Eugene’s debt by $24 million in the past four years, but there still remains a $6 million deficit. Ruiz has recommended looking at two possible service fee’s to fill that budget hole.

One would require residents and businesses to pay a higher amount in storm water fees, around $10 a month, to maintain parks and open spaces. That’s the one the City Council will discuss with the public on Tuesday evening.

The other possible service fee, also around $10 a month, could go on the May ballot for voters to approve if council approves it by Feb. 3.

If you would like to weigh in on the possible storm water fee with the Eugene City Council, the public hearing will be held Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. at Harris Hall.

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  1. Just Bob says:

    Council members voting yes on raising taxes should consider that act as a request to be replaced by a real person with the ability to use their brain.

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