Public Safety Forum

EUGENE, Ore. — Just a couple more days until the Lane County public safety levy money kicks in and the jail can start holding more criminals.

In the meantime, law enforcement is trying to keep its pulse on the state of public safety in Lane County.

The Police Commission hosted a forum Thursday night. Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner says the levy won’t fix everything.

A big issue still remains limited patrols there are only 20 deputies patrolling 4600 square miles.

“Property crimes is by far our biggest complaint from citizens but as i mentioned a number of times we’ve had more murders last year than we ever had so we have some very serious crimes also.,” said Sheriff Tom Turner.

“Apart from property crime and violent crime, we have quality of life crimes, drug sales, drug use, public drinking and public behavior issues that that happen downtown,” said Chief Pete Kerns, Eugene Police Department.

Chief Kerns says assaults have also been gradually going up since 2009.

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