Public Weighs in on City Hall Design

2-24 city hall briEUGENE, Ore. — The architects have yet to create to create the plans for Eugene’s new City Hall, but the design is already drawing mixed reviews.

The city held an open house Monday night where people could see how the concepts are coming together.

The city’s planning to build the project in phases. The first phase calls for council chambers and other core city services. It would be built on the southwest quadrant of the lot where the current City Hall sits.

Architects say the vision is to ultimately connect the park blocks with the river front.

The city’s also interested in getting the public’s opinion. During the open house people talked about what they would like to see incorporated into the design.

“I’d like to see bicycle access to the whole outer facility be something that’s really in line with the idea that we want to see people using bicycles a lot,” said Paul Moore. He was one of those at the meeting.

Others were upset about how the process has been going up to this point. Zachary Vishanoff thinks the city should scrap the current plans and revisit the EWEB offer that would create a new City Hall at 4th Avenue.

“[That building] had the potential for being used as a City Hall and would be cheap and maybe as a new destination point and a new core, it might actually function as a better downtown site,” said Vishanoff.

The city says it plans to use all of the information gathered and come up with a design for the new building.

There’s another open house scheduled for February 25, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. It will be held at the Cal Young Middle School.

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  1. Jerome E. Goodwin Sr. says:

    I hope they hire an Oregon Company to design and build it. Keep the money in Oregon. Last time they hired out of state and gave them tax breaks how does that help Oregon?

  2. Tank Commander says:

    Give them a tent and a port-a-pot. That’s all the mayor and council deserve. Maybe they could get a tax break for it, everyone else from out of state that builds here does.

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