Public Works Responds to Snow

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Public Works had all hands on deck when the snow started Monday night and will do the same Tuesday evening. It’s the first valley snowfall of the winter.

Public Works says the weather didn’t warrant a snow ice emergency that usually happens when there is an inch or more of accumulation.

On Tuesday, crews were out plowing the roads, primarily in the South Hills. Public Works had crews out Monday night and at 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Though things were under control, another round came about, causing some accidents. It’s asking people to park their cars off priority snowplow routes to make the job easier for crews and of course drive slower.

It says this wintry blast also slowed leaf collection.

“So if folks have leaves up there in the streets, be aware that we are probably going to be a day or two behind. We hope to catch back up after a couple of days,” said Eric Jones, Eugene Public Works spokesman.

There is a chance for snow showers later Tuesday night overnight, not necessarily snow. But the roads will likely remain icy and Public Works is ready for whatever comes.

If you are heading out early in the morning, roads will likely be an issue.

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