Quack Cave Responds to UO Rumors

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EUGENE, Ore. — Online rumors about possible NCAA sanctions for the Duck football team got the media riled up after practice Tuesday.

Just barely into its second week, the University of Oregon social media hub was called to action.

UO media services representatives said the frenzy around sanction rumors served as an unofficial test of their new social media hub: The Quack Cave.

Rumors that got their start more than 2,000 miles away made their way to the West Coast in a matter of hours. A Wisconsin radio personality tweeted about some pretty specific NCAA sanctions for the Ducks regarding their recruiting practices.

It wasn’t long before everyone knew about it, thanks to social media. Turned out the “news” was really just a rumor started on a message board for Duck rivals, the Washington Huskies.

Though a false alarm, UO media reps say it’s great practice.

“It was a very good example or test of how this type of thing is going to happen so how do we deal with it initially, how can we do better, how can we move forward?” said Andy McNamara, Assistant Director of Media Services.

The school chose not to respond officially, but McNamara said this was a perfect example of the power of social media. He says it illustrates why it’s so important for the school to be up-to-date in the electronic age to not only dispel rumors just as quickly but to also alleviate concerns and better connect with their fan base.

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