Quarter of Oregonians Work Part Time

UNEMPLOYMENTEUGENE, Ore. — A new report from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says a quarter of people with jobs in Oregon are only working part time. The report counts people as part-time employees if they worked at least one hour, but less than 35 hours during a given week.

The Oregon Employment Department took a look at those same numbers and says that while some people may work part-time because it fits their circumstances, it’s definitely not a choice for everyone.

Research analyst Tracy Morrissette says, “An involuntary part-time worker is someone who is working part time, but has indicated that they would rather be working more hours in a full-time job.”

According to a recent study they did, a quarter of part-time workers are involuntary, because their hours have been reduced or they can’t find a full-time job.

At 24.4% percent, Oregon’s part-time unemployment rate is about 5% percent higher than the national average. But the Oregon Employment Department says while the numbers may be different, the trends are the same.

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