Quick Action Likely Limited Large Fire


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NEAR CRESWELL, Ore. — A quick response in lane county, limited what fire crews estimate could have have grown into a large wildfire.

A busted tree took down a power line just off Territorial Highway, helping to spark the fire. The flames burned for several hours on both sides of Simonsen Road, which is about 12 miles west of Creswell.

The response was large, but Mother Nature still posed a significant challenge. Strong winds pushed the flames.

It wasn’t until a state ordered helicopter came in and dropped several buckets of water that crews finally took control. The ariel assistance was instrumental in keeping this fire from causing major destruction.

“We probably could have lost some houses close by here. One of them we had to keep an engine parked right next to it to protect,” said Lane Fire Authority Chief Terry Ney. “We lost a vehicle at the residence. There’s a very good possibility that this could have turned into a major incident if it wasn’t for that resource.”

The fire burned through about three acres. Other than an old truck, the damage was limited.

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  1. Jevon says:

    My husband is the one who came across the fire on his way home from work. He said it was just a small brush firw but with in the time it took to call 911 the fire was reaching the tops of trees.

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