Quilts to Honor Local Vets

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EUGENE, Ore. — The local chapter of Quilts of Valor honored a group of war veterans today with quilts made by residents.

As they walked up to the front of the room to be recognized, the crowd clapped for their service. The emotional veterans say to many people, these might just be quilts but to them, it’s so much more.

The vets all fought in different wars from Korea, Vietnam, and even Desert Storm.

For one Vietnam vet, he says being honored with this quilt made him feel like he’s finally home. As they accepted the quilts made by community members, these vets say they’re humbled and thankful.

“To me, I’m a true patriot and I love my country. I feel that with the support of this, it just makes it all worthwhile,” said Mark Wells, a Desert Shield and Storm veteran.

“I think those people are very outstanding and they show there is love in the world,” said Don Patchem, a Korean and Vietnam War veteran.

There were five quilts but only four veterans of the five veterans honored were at the presentation today.

One of the quilters said, “A blanket warms the body but a quilt warms the soul.”

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