Race to Raise Prostate Cancer Awareness

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Around 350 runners showed their support for prostate cancer screenings Sunday morning. “A lot of people have lost loved ones because they didn’t get tested and they found out too late. Obviously I got tested early and opted for surgery and now I’m 100% cancer free,” said Neal Benson, a local prostate cancer survivor.

For cancer survivors and physicians at the Oregon Urology Institute, the annual Prostate 8k and 5k race holds a special place in their hearts.

“It’s fun, you high five some of your patients, pat them on the back. They’re the ones wearing the dark shirts and you know who they are in the crowd,” said Dr. Bryan Mehlhaff, physician at Oregon Urology Institute.

For Benson, the timing of this race takes him back to when he had his prostate cancer surgery. “Four years ago today I was in the hospital and had my prostate cancer surgery done,” said Benson.

Both men stressed the importance of the simple test that can detest prostate cancer. “I’m just a big believer in getting test, getting tested early so you don’t have to put your loved ones through what a lot of us have gone through or what a lot of people have not survived because they didn’t get tested,” said Benson.

The Oregon Urology Institute holds the race each Father’s Day because the race director said it’s the day that dads are celebrated.

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