Radio Station Playing Christmas Music

EUGENE, Ore. — If you need help getting into the Christmas spirit, a local radio station is here to help.

As of 12:01 Monday morning, KOOL 99.1 FM switched over to continuous Christmas music. The station’s program director says listeners started requesting the holiday music right after Halloween.

“When we do Christmas music people are like ‘No, no, no’ because they like the regular music that we play. This year, not a lot of complaint calls. I think people are in favor of the music more than ever. After the election season they’re just ready for some holiday music,” said Barry MacGuire, KOOL 99.1 FM Program Director.

The day after Christmas, KOOL will return to its regular playlist.


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  1. Scott says:

    Two years ago, KOOL started Christmas music soon after Halloween. That was too early.
    Last year, KOOL gradually mixed in the Christmas music in the two weeks before Thanksgiving. That just felt awkward.
    This year, the Monday of Thanksgiving week, seems just right. Way to go.
    My only request to KOOL – don’t stop playing Christmas music on the 26th. For lots of us, who have to spend the month shopping and decorating, the holiday doesn’t even start until Christmas morning. Give us a few days to enjoy the peaceful side of the holiday. In fact, that’s when the 12 days of Christmas starts.
    Play holiday music until the 30th, and on the 31st, switch to disco party hits in honor of New Years. Then you’ve got it nailed.

    1. Scrooge says:

      No more christmas music. period. bah humbug

  2. jake says:

    I really enjoyed the Christmas music this season. It is such a shame that I no longer hear it. It is only the 26th of december. It is not even new years yet. I have checked almost every station ans not a single Christmas Carol to be heard. I say that we continue playing the christmas music untill new years eve the last day for it. Swithc back to the regular playlists on new years day.

    What alos bugs me is to see christmas decorations being taken down the very next day after Christmas. The twelve days of Christmas start then. Wait untill January 6th to dedecorate. Thats the last day of Christmas I leave my decorations and tree up untill MLK day. The decorations over the fireplace are just so pretty and after the holidays, there is nothing to look foward to in the winter.

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