Rafters Rescued from McKenzie River

MCKENZIE RIVER, Ore. — A group of river-goers was successfully rescued after being stuck on a rock in the McKenzie river. The photos in the gallery below were taken of the rescue on Marten rapids by West Coast Action Photos

Six people were stranded on this rock after their raft got stuck. Another raft floating by was able to save one person while the rest were left stranded. McKenzie rescue swimmers showed up to the scene and used throw bags to haul the stranded rafters in.

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  1. Lillian Howard says:

    We have an amazing response team up here on the McKenzie. I think if folks took a lil bit o time before the season or even at the beginning of the season, swift water rescue and/or river safety classes, there would be fewer emergency situations. Thank you KEZI9 for Crediting WCAP for the photos. Although we do not like to see these things. Thank you Mark Lull for being level headed and quick to respond calling 911, And taking shots while all this is happening.

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