Rain and Snow Tapering Off

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The ski resorts went from losing inches of snow every day to gaining feet in just a couple of days! Timberline picked up the most snow in Oregon with a whooping 61″, yeah, that’s over five feet of snow in about 48 hours.  Santiam Pass had an impressive 37 inches and even through Willamette Pass missed the brunt of the storm, they still picked up 19 inches!

While the snow was piling up in the Cascades, it’s just been a few showers for the Valley. We’re basically stuck in a rain shadow. When air is forced up over higher terrain, that lift provides extra dynamics within the storm to bring out more precipitation, and by the time the air moves down the other side of the mountain, there’s not much precipitation left.

Eugene has only seen 1.35″ of rain. The normal for this point in the month is 6.47″. If we don’t get at least 0.05″ of rain today or tomorrow, this will be the 3rd driest Eugene ever recorded.

If not the 3rd driest it will be the 4th has we don’t have much more rain on the way. A ridge of high pressure is moving in and will set up shop for the next 6 days. This will block any other storms from moving in and will keep us dry. Highs will likely drop to the low to mid 40s with fog for at least the morning hours. Overnight lows will fall to the low to mid 30s.

Have a great Wednesday!
-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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