Rain Dampens Fireworks Sales

CORVALLIS, Ore. — All of this recent wet weather has not only dampened spirits of those trying to celebrate Independence Day this week, but it’s also affecting fireworks sales at local retailers.

The fireworks retailers KEZI 9 News spoke with Monday in Corvallis say they’ve noticed a drop in sales this year compared to the past, and they say they think that’s because all of the rain has discouraged shoppers from stopping by.

Boomtown Fireworks managers say sales are down about 10percent this year.

They and Jaycees Fireworks Stand employees say they’ve had fewer customers, and they blame the recent downpours for the downturn in sales.

Since both places, and many more, are manned by volunteers, a lack in sales is hurting their causes.

Jaycees’ stand raises money to put on the annual fireworks show in Corvallis, while Boomtown’s sales go toward helping a local church.

“Even just a little bit of a drop changes how much we’re able to make for the fundraiser that we’re going to be supporting other community activities,” said Boomtown Fireworks Director Melanie Johnson with Celebration Church.

“We’re just hoping to sell a lot and have a really, really good display and to bring attention to Corvallis,” said Jaycees Fireworks volunteer Arlene Pond.

Now that the sun is out and customers’ feet can stay dry, both fireworks retailers expect sales to start picking up.

Corvallis firefighters want to remind you to be safe when using fireworks. They ask you only use them outdoors, have a water source nearby, never alter them, use legal fireworks only and always watch your children around the fireworks.

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