Rain Leads to High Water Levels

high waterROGUE RIVER, Ore. – River levels were noticeably higher Monday morning after rainfall in the Rogue Valley over the weekend. From Sunday to Monday, Rogue River water levels increased by about seven feet and peaked around 11 feet near Grants Pass.

Though the water levels never officially surpassed flood levels, the Rogue River overflowed in some areas onto its banks. Walkways, parking lots, and the boat ramp under Depot Street bridge were partially or fully submerged in the high water Monday morning.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office taped off and barricaded the areas near the riverfront where water was high and potentially dangerous.

Joe Layman has a home on the riverfront and was concerned about how high the water would get.

“We live on the river and the water is all the way up to the embankment at our place. Sandbags are next,” said Layman.

Local kayaker Covey Baack took advantage of the high waters to get on the river.

“I like flood runs and I like flood water. I’m getting a lot more people into it which is kind of fun,” said Baack. “I wait for these days, for sure. It doesn’t happen that often.”

River levels decreased significantly throughout Monday.

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