Rain’s Return Means Fog’s Exit

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Justin’s Monday Night Forecast Discussion: 

Chalk up another chilly, raw day as the surface inversion once again wouldn’t break the fog in the valley with highs stuck in the mid 30s. In fact, we only gained two degrees from 33 to 35 for today. Same story elsewhere with both the coast and mountains (or anyone above 1500 feet) seeing another sunny day. Tonight, more freezing fog across the inland areas and lows sitting in the upper 20s, while the coast will hold in the mid 30s . Expect visibility to be an issue in the Willamette valley overnight bordering between less than a half to quarter-mile visibility.

The inversion is still very strong in the valley (remember, that’s the warmer air that sealing a lid on the colder air trapped at the surface) so valley residents are still under the Air Stagnation Advisory.  Tuesday will be more of the same for the valley- foggy with highs holding near freezing. At the coast though, what’s starts as a sunny day will finish cloudy ahead of the rain coming that will finally move this fog out for good.

Early Wednesday morning, a cold front fires across the region bringing the first rain in about two weeks. However, because of the below freezing air trapped inland, we may see a few hours of freezing rain and sleet as you head out for the morning commute. It doesn’t look like accumulating ice but folks that live in hilly areas around the valley may want to take some extra caution leaving the house. Otherwise, the rain brings in warmer air that FINALLY mixes the stagnant freezing air out the valley. Highs should return to near normal in the mid to upper 40s with sun breaks and a chance for showers Friday and throughout most of the weekend.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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