Rainwater Floods Riverfront Trails

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The water levels of local rivers are going down, but some paths along those rivers are still flooded from the rain.

At the D Street boat landing, the river levels are a bit higher than normal. The nearby trail isn’t flooding, but about a half mile down the path it’s a much different story.

As some walkers made their way down the riverfront trail in Springfield, they ran into standing water.

“We’ve had flooding on a couple different sections of the path. Down on the right by the creek or canal–that was flooded over. We had to walk through the water or walk off the path,” said Springfield resident Ted Stagner.

Not only were sections of the path flooding as the rain fell, but some areas surrounding the paths were also collecting water.

“There’s a lot of flooding not too far from the river and, you know, in the open fields and so on. But that doesn’t affect us,” Stagner said.

And even though some nearby parks like Island Park are nestled right along the Willamette River, they’re not feeling the impacts of this wet weather.

The river flooded into the park’s parking lot Sunday afternoon, but by Monday morning water levels dropped and the flooding cleared, which is why residents are hopeful the area will stay dry.

“That’s always possible. We don’t worry about it too much. We’re out to get some exercise, and when we do it, we love walking over here. You know, the birds and the animals and so on and so forth. It’s a good place,” Stagner said.

“They’ve got good people that’ll keep the parks in check, and they’ll do their normal jobs,” said Eugene resident Steven Stewart.

People walking down the path say even though it’s flooded, you can still make it around the standing water. You just have to walk off of the path.

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