Rainy Weather Is Back

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

We’re starting to see the first wave of showers enter from Northern California as the first of two soaking systems will slam into California over the next couple of days. Some folks across Western Oregon will see a wet next four days while others, the showers wrap up in time for the weekend. Tonight though, the showers will pick up in intensity after midnight, ensuring a slightly soggy commute in the morning.

Most of the day Thursday will see a smattering of showers along with sun breaks with the storm slowly working inland. Highs will stick in the mid to low 50s. The cold air that is spilling into Central and Eastern Oregon may provide a bit of a wintry mess if you are heading out I-84 or through Bend/Redmond areas. Snow lines will drop down to around 5000 feet so some light snow will be likely later in the day at the Passes.

Friday sees a dry day overall with an isolated shower with some bands moving up from California. In fact, Friday/Saturday’s storm will be a whopper for the state of CA, but because the jet stream is splitting, the majority of that storm will head south (alebit from some outer bands that drift north). Coverage of showers for Saturday will be more widespread for Douglas and Coos County residents, more isolated the further north you go. Sunday, the low pressure center moves into the Southwestern US, cutting off most of the showers that try to slip into our region.

Monday a big storm heads west and slams into the Northwest, placing a rather soggy end to what has been a soggy February after a very dry start to the winter.

Have a great Wednesday night!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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