Raisers Receive Guide Dogs in Training

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Loads of puppy love was delivered in Springfield Saturday as four puppies got to meet their “raisers.”

The young guide dogs in training  go through the group Puppy Raisers in Lane County, that trains guide dogs for the blind. Raisers are responsible for teaching the dog manners, obedience, and most importantly, they socialize them in the community until they go into formal training. Volunteers for the organization say training guide dogs is a rewarding experience.

“When you get to go to graduation and see this little ball of fur that you raised turn into this beautiful, confident guide dog for a blind person, it’s just awesome,” said Lesley Nishiguchi,
Puppy Raiser.

Puppy Raisers in Lane County has about 100 raisers, but they’re looking for more so more dogs can be trained for the good cause.

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  1. Amie Pierzina says:

    Hi, I was wondering who I would contact if I was interested in raising one of these puppies.



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