Raising Problem Gambling Awareness

3-19 PROBLEM GAMBLINGEUGENE, Ore. — For most of us, March Madness is a chance to compete with others around the office for bracket bragging rights, but Lane County Public Health says for thousands of others who fill out their brackets, they suffer from a gambling addiction.

Lane County Public Health says more than 9,000 Oregonians are addicted to gambling.

This month, it’s working to increase awareness, saying gambling addictions often go unnoticed for years.

“For people that have a problem, they spend more time, more money, and sometimes they’re even sneaking around or hiding their behavior, and often times they’ll even begin to borrow money. Oftentimes even spouses will think their loved ones are having an affair,” said Julie Hynes, Community Health Analyst.

This month they’re looking for young artists to draw pictures for a problem gambling calendar or people who want to make a 30- to 60-second video about what problem gambling is.

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