Rally Against Transpacific Partnership

1-27 TPP rallyEUGENE, Ore. — About 20 people spent the afternoon rallying outside of the federal building in opposition to the Transpacific Partnership, also known as TPP.

The group sang songs and delivered letters to Senator Ron Wyden, urging him to vote against the Transpacific Partnership.

Protesters said the partnership would take jobs away from Americans and send them overseas.

“Bad for American citizens who want to have jobs. We saw a huge migration of jobs out of the country because of NAFTA the TPP is another agreement of that kind,” said Shelley Pineo-Jensen, Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network Chair.

They said both Senator Merkley and Representative Peter DeFazio already voiced objection to the Transpacific Partnership.

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  1. Jack Dresser says:

    Far more than job export is involved. This has been secretly negotiated between 12 countries and some 600 multinational corporations, excluding Congress and the public, to trump state and local laws for protection of our environment, food and agricultural economy (Monsanto protection), universalize high pharmaceutical prices, control intellectual property rights independent of US law, and much, much more. It goes far beyond simple “trade.” It is the latest arrogant game move of neoliberal capitalism to establish economic hegemony over 40% of the world’s economy with a companion treaty under development for the Atlantic nations.as well. Now nearing completion of our destruction of the three well-developed, secular, socialist Arab nations with independent banking systems and facing competition from the BRIC alliance with 40% the world’s population, all with independent banking systems as well, and the ALBA alliance in South America developing new models of trade and exchange, the banksters are fighting back enabled – it is sad to say – by the Obama administration.

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