Ramp Closed onto I-5 in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Highway crews are ripping up the off-ramp from westbound Beltline to southbound Interstate 5, and that has traffic detouring onto Coburg Road.

Because the ramp to Roseburg is closed for westbound Beltline travelers, drivers have to exit at Coburg and re-enter Beltline heading east.

They can then take the southbound ramp onto I-5 and be on there way.

So far, the Coburg intersection seems to be handling the traffic well, but we’ll see how that works as we get further into the afternoon.

Crews closed the off-ramp around 9 a.m. Monday. Within minutes they were busy tearing up the existing asphalt. The project manager who said this will all wrap up Wednesday morning, when the brand-new off ramp is open for traffic.

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