Rape Victim’s Mother Questions Honesty

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Near GLIDE, Ore. —  “Everyone in my family thinks I’m a sex offender, they think I’m a rapist,” said convicted rapist Scott Espinosa to a San Diego courtroom on Friday.

“Everyone does and is that OK? Is that OK that she can just do that to me and walk?”

As Espinosa pleads for justice in a southern California courtroom, outside of Glide about 20 miles east of Roseburg, an Oregon woman could hold the key to the San Diego man’s freedom.

“She put a potentially innocent man in prison,” said the rape victim’s mother, Theresa.

Because her daughter is officially a rape victim, we aren’t revealing her name, but according to Theresa, her 23-year-old daughter is a liar.

“She likes to stretch the truth. She’s a meth user. She’s been for awhile. I’m not sure how long and she’s homeless,” said Theresa.

Theresa says the truth-stretching started when her daughter was young, about 5 or 6.

“She killed a kitten and she came to me and told me she found it in the pool.”

Her mother says the lies never stopped. But in February of 2012, when Theresa got a call from her daughter that she had been kidnapped and raped, she says her tone was different.

“She had originally called me and she was out of breath. She was crying, ‘Mom, Mom, I’m running from this person. I need help,’ and it scared me. As much as she’s told stories in the past. I’ve never heard her so frightened.”

Theresa advocated for her, told her to call the police. The case went to trial in October and Scott Espinosa was convicted of rape, kidnapping and other charges. But when Theresa’s daughter came back to Oregon, Theresa says those truth-stretching signs she knew so well crept up again.

“In different conversations she would bring it up and it was always a different story, that’s when i started questioning it,” said Theresa. “I said wait a minute I thought you said that they drugged you and this or that. ‘Oh no no we were partying and it got out of control.’ I said… what did you do?”

Theresa wasn’t the only one questioning the events that played out during that October trial. A woman who asked to job shadow Scott Espinosa’s criminal defense attorney is speaking out too. In recent court documents the woman says there were many inconsistent statements made by the alleged rape victim under oath and that Espinosa’s attorney was unprepared for jury trial.

Numerous questions came to the surface in front of the same judge during a hearing on Friday. The judge agreed to send investigators up to Oregon to interview key witnesses in the case including the alleged rape victim’s family.

Theresa understands the risks and consequences of speaking against her daughter but she believes the truth will set her free and possibly a wrongfully convicted man.

“That’s where tough love has to come in. I don’t condone lying. She knows it and if she put someone in prison that doesn’t need to be in prison, she needs to pay for that,” said Theresa

The rape victim supposedly lives in Roseburg and was arrested in May for drug charges. Scott Espinosa’s retrial is scheduled for August.

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