Raptor Center Buildings Damaged by Storm

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EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend’s ice storm caused thousands of dollars of damage at the Cascade Raptor Center, causing it to close its gate so that staff and volunteers can clean the mess.

The birds at the Raptor center were calm Wednesday afternoon, but that wasn’t the case Saturday. “It was scary up here. It sounded like a war zone and some of the birds were really, really panicked because some large limbs were falling on their aviary roof, so we had to move some of our birds inside,” said Cascade Raptor Center education director Kit Lacy.

Those limbs that crashed onto the bird enclosure wreaked havoc on the raptor center’s shed and buildings. “One shed is completely destroyed that stores all of our education supplies for doing programs and stuff. Our emergency action supply shed which was brand new also got damaged and we had damage on some of our aviary roofs as well,” said Lacy.

But luckily not a single bird was injured during the storm. So now staff and volunteers are trying to figure out just how widespread the damage is.

“Working really, really hard to try to make our facilities safe for everybody again and get it cleaned up we have a lot of damage,” said Lacy.

As tree crews come to figure out how many hanging limbs need to be removed from the center’s trees, other workers are sweeping up the debris on the ground. “Really it’s like three dimensional. You know there’s damage on the ground, the aviaries are damaged, but there’s damage up in the trees that we’re going to have to take care of in order to make the facilities safe again,” said Lacy.

The center is looking for donations so it can quickly clean up the mess and open back up so people can come back and visit the birds of prey.

The raptor center said it’s still estimating how much damage the storm caused, but so far it thinks it’ll cost about $20,000 to repair the buildings damaged by the storm.

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