Rash of Crimes Involving Weapons

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield police were busy this weekend. In just a few short hours over the weekend, they investigated three different shooting incidents, a damaging drunk driver, and a robber with a hatchet.

Springfield police say most of them were a combination of alcohol and bad judgment.

The attempted robbery at Ashley’s lottery deli was thwarted by a quick thinking customer who tackled the man and held him in a choke hold.

Police say 22-year-old Sidney Queener walked into Ashley’s Deli, hatchet in hand. He demanded the employee open the register. A customer saw an opportunity and took Queener down until police came.

The first of three shooting incidents began early Saturday. Officers responded to what began as a racial related dispute at V Street and Shadylane Drive. They arrested a 22-year-old for allegedly firing a stolen gun into the air.

Later that night, a fight happened at the 700 block of Oakdale Street. Police arrested a 22-year-old for firing a shot that hit a neighbor’s door.

And early Sunday morning, a 25-year-old was arrested for allegedly firing shots into the air near 5th and B Street.

“People need to know what their rights are and what the laws are with deadly force and the use of a weapon, and they shouldn’t be out if those criteria aren’t met,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

In each case no one was injured, investigators say alcohol played a role in at least two.

There was also a reckless drunk driving incident also happened Saturday night. Officers say the suspect hit three parked cars and sped through driveways and damaged signs before he was caught.

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  1. Jams says:

    Just a correction it was 55th and B street not 5th… It was my house they were shooting at

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