Raw Milk Production Under Fire

By Kelsey Card

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — In response to an E. coli outbreak last month, the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association is planning a discussion that could affect raw milk producers and drinkers.

The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association and others are planning a discussion about raw milk production, but one local raw milk producer is not too worried.

Joseph Bray owns Wholesome Family Farm in Cottage Grove.

He has run a herd-sharing program for the past year.

Members invite people to purchase shares of their cows to own.

Then the farmers get paid to do everything from milking to delivery.

Bray says while the E. coli outbreak is a shame, he says a crackdown on raw milk would be jumping the gun.

“Considering that my family eats because of the accessibility of raw milk, that would be pretty devastating,” Bray said.

But Bray says legislation is lengthy, and he takes extreme precaution when it comes to sanitation and health.

Jim Krahn, Executive Director of Oregon Dairy Farmers Association, says it hasn’t decided whether or not it will ban the production of raw milk or just regulate it with higher standards.

The Bray family says raw milk has become a stable in their diets and their lifestyles, and they hope it will stay that way for years to come.

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