Reactions to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

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EUGENE, Ore. — Same-sex marriage activists are thrilled with the Supreme Court’s two major decisions Wednesday.

They say it’s a step in the right direction, but same-sex couples in Oregon are still waiting for equal rights.

For some same-sex couples in Eugene, they’ve been waiting for 14 years to get married and will continue that wait until voters or Oregon lawmakers give their approval. Same-sex marriage activists say while Oregon isn’t directly impacted, they applaud Washington.

“We should be protecting those freedoms not limiting them. And when the Supreme Court of the United States comes forward and takes steps to protect those freedoms, I feel like a real American,” said Victoria Smithweiland.

She says same-sex couples are just like anyone else and they deserve the same rights.

KEZI 9 Mews spoke with representatives with the First United Methodist Church who said they’re on board with this effort too. The pastor says while the denominational view supports a man and a woman, the church supports same-sex marriage.

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