Rec Center to Use Recycled Rainwater

New UO Rec CenterEUGENE, Ore. — When the new student rec center opens to University of Oregon students in about 10 months, it’ll be more sustainable than ever.

Project planners say the new facility will use recycled rainwater for its toilets.

Part of the 110,000 feet of new space includes a new aquatic facility, so the rec center’s current pool is no longer needed.

Instead of dumping the thousands of pounds of waste in a landfill, it’ll be turned into an underground cistern.

Rainwater from the drains will funnel down into the 120,000 gallon tank and collect, treat and repurpose about 400,000 gallons of flushing water each year.

“In the current building, we basically use the same water that’s used for showers and faucets in order to flush our toilets. So, in the new building, we’ll be using the new water for drinking and showering, but we’ll be using the rainwater. It’ll be filtered and cleaned, but we’ll be using the rainwater to filter our toilets,” said Bryan Haunert, Associate Director of Facilities.

He says the goal is to make the building LEED platinum certified, and the greywater system is a major part of that effort.

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