Recall Drive Launched in Coburg

COBURG CITY HALLCOBURG, Ore. — For the second time in three years, a recall drive has been launched against Coburg city leaders.

In paperwork to be filed Friday afternoon, organizers want to fire the mayor, Jae Pudewell, and city councilors Jerry Behney and Brian Pech.

The petition accuses Pudewell of “poor judgement” and claims he’s made bad decisions in the construction of the city’s wastewater project. Pech and Behney are accused of mis-managing economic development funds, along with other issues.

Pudewell was asked if he was concerned about the recall effort.

“Not particularly. But again, it’s something we have to go through. And if it happens, it happens. As we talked earlier, this is a volunteer position,” Pudewell said.

Now that the petition is filed, the county has 10 days to verify the 74 required signatures. Once that’s complete, the county has 35 days to hold a new election.

The chief petitioner, Steve Stearns, says the required number of signatures–74–would be filed at city hall Friday afternoon.

Councilors Pech and Behney did not return phones calls or e-mails seeking comment.

In 2011 then-mayor Judith Volta survived a recall election, also over the wastewater project.

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