Record Store Day Boosts Business

EUGENE, Ore. — A local record store saw a major boost in business Saturday, as music fans across the country celebrated National Record Store Day.

Skip’s Records had a line wrapped around the building before the store opened at 7 a.m. The owner said he got to the store around 3 and the line formed shortly after.

The crowds came to get their hands on a number of special releases.

“We actually had to stop people from coming in the door because otherwise it would’ve been a stampede, we cut it off at about 50 people, until they got their purchases done and then out the door,” said Skip Hermens, owner or Skip’s Records.

Each year, National Record Store Day grows in popularity, as more artists release a very limited number of special release vinyl records.

This is the sixth annual record store day; in three hours Skip’s Records sold more records than it did during the entire record store day last year.

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