Red Duck Ketchup Mixes it Up

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EUGENE, Ore. – A majority of people have a bottle of ketchup in the fridge, and chances are it’s the plain tomato variety. One local startup didn’t want to settle for the old standard and decided to mix things up.

“We were sitting at Rennie’s talking about a school project and having tots and dipping them in ketchup, and we kind of realized ketchup was just boring,” said Shannon Oliver, Red Duck Ketchup Co-founder.

That’s when the four University of Oregon graduate students had an idea to spice up the flavors.

“We spent many hours in Karen’s kitchen, making more than 20 different flavor profiles. We did some Asian spices. We did Indian spices. The three we came up with were the ones that, across the board, people just really, really liked the most,” Oliver said.

There are the classic flavors, spicy flavors and even a curry flavored one.

The ingredients are simple and clean.

“Everything except for the vinegar is organic. We use organic tomato paste, organic spices, most of which come from Mountain Rose Herbs, sea salt,” Oliver said.

Red Duck Ketchup just launched a Kickstarter account. You can find out more information about the company and its products here.

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